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Shentai-Only Club

Shentai-Only Club

How can I download this comic?

Follow these three simple steps:

Step1: Click here to buy a premium account at TezFiles.

Step2: Send me an email at “[email protected]” with email address used to signup at Tezfiles.

Step3: You will receive a link to our discord channel via email. Join our channel and enjoy our shentai-only content.

The whole process takes less then 24 hours.

Note: Please check your spam email and look for title “Shentai Discord Invitation”.

Please comment bellow if you are facing any trouble. We are here to help.

Why join?

  • Get access to over 40,000 comics with daily updates
  • A decade old website with thousands of trusting users
  • Download exclusive comics from shentai-only section
  • New monthly comics worth more then 500USD for a fraction of cost.
  • Get access to our discord channel
  • You can request comics
  • Unlimited high speed downloads
  • Dedicated support team


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  1. Money worth it, I am happy to get latest Jabcomix.

  2. I was waiting for it to get cheaper, asking us to buy 3 months or 1 years account was too much.

  3. Hello, I just purchased one year premium at TezFiles. Please send me the link to your discord channel. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Huggo55, Please check your email and welcome to our shentai-only club.

      1. Yeah I got It thanks a lot

      2. ;

  4. I have been visiting your website from past 5 years and I love the idea of using Tezfiles as your primary filehost. This way I don’t have to buy multiple accounts and have access to all the good stuff. Thank you for your years of hard work.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation 🙂

  5. This Is the best Blog i know till now, with a Really huge amount of good Content, and it will Get Even better soon as you get TezFiles premium, there will be Additional Content available, that won’t disappoint you.

    Positive Points about Shentai-only section:
    – You Can Help admin, if you become a VIP and make a Premiumaccout on TezFiles, or extend an existing one trough Following the Steps.
    – Many Realy Good comics, (some of them Include allrdy many giantessfan, expansion, jabcomix, etc)

    Negativ Points:
    – (well not realy a negativ Point), you need some money for a Premiumaccount on Tezfiles, the positive Side-effect is, you can Download Files much faster and without Downtime afther each file.

    PS: sorry for my bad English its not my native Language ^^

    1. Thank you for your kind words Raki.

  6. Hi, I created a 3 months premium account, but I used a different email for creating the account. The email I used to create a account here is different as well. I hope you received the email with discord access.

    P.s I couldn’t use my old (main email) because it never got deleted off here apparently its in use.

    1. Hi oliq, that’s not an issue. I have sent you an invite to our discord channel. Thanks

      P.S: Also check our shentai-only section.

  7. Message sent. I created a 1 year premium account.Hope I didn’t mess up.

    1. Hi Shadowjeff0, please check you email for discord invitation. Thanks!

  8. While I have not been on the blog for long, I have found that its a great place to go when you are looking for something to do. With updates everyday, unless something bad happens, I find that even when I was not in shentai-only club it was cool, once I got it though it got so much better.
    The fact that there is so much variation with the uploads is another reason why this is the first site that I go to when trying to find something to pass the time.

  9. This site has become my one-stop shop. I don’t really need to go anywhere else.

    1. Regular updates
    2. Lots of variety
    3. ALL LINKS WORK (this is a big deal)
    4. If you are premium member, you will have a premium sub so downloads are fast (1-2 minutes for me usually).

    1. Doesn’t have everything.
    2. Prone to changes.

    This is a comprehensive, well-organized, content-rich site. I highly recommend it.

  10. hello… i’m new here ?
    yoroshiku nah..!

    err mr. admin can you explain what is this shentai-only club about?


    1. You can look yourself, everything is written above 😀

  11. Becoming a Shentai-only member is well worth it with all the content the in shentai-only section and discord contains. That the blog has regular updates is just awesome. The fact that there is a lot of comics and artwork I haven´t found anywhere else is a very good reason to buy Tezfiles premium.

  12. Bought 1 month subscription and messaged you, hope it worked.

    And can I somehow upgrade to 3 month later and keep my discord access? Or will I have to create a new account

    1. Hello, You only need to buy a premium account once and you will keep your discord access forever.

  13. Hey Admin, great concept. I already had a Tezfiles account before I found this site. I sent my confirmation email already, I hope i’m still eligible. Thanks!!

    1. The account must be made through one of myfiles…
      (only members who support me get discord access :))
      I think it’s fully understandable! 🙂

  14. Message sent. Awesome site as always.

    1. Thanks for the support ACCC,
      Discord Invitation sent!^^

  15. Well I don’t have much to say. I’ve been downloading comics from this site for 2 years I think, and recently I considered buying a tezfiles account.
    I expect lots of things about this community. I hope I’m welcome here.

    PS: I shall not forget thank Admin for providing this to us all.

  16. My love of good porn has outlasted some of my relationships, and as a connoisseur of the erotic, I can honestly say that the organization and efforts put forth by Shentai Admin and his elite team is fantastic. I know I can find the rare and hard to find and every once in a while I find nostalgic comics that I can find nowhere else ( unless I want to risk a well-manufactured virus)

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Carpe Rectum!!!

  17. i just sent you my subscription info, can u send me discord link asap pls

    1. Hello, Check your email for discord invitation link. Thanks!

  18. Made an account today and got on the discord channel. Best. Decision. Ever.

    1. I hope so 😀

  19. If you are deciding whether or not to get a Tezfiles premium I have just 2 words of advice for you… GET IT! You wont regret your decision. There is so much for you here and even more is coming such as an shentai-only and discord channel. I joined this site knowing it would be pretty epic and I have not disappointed and I guarantee neither will you.

    Overall Rating: 90 for its great content, helpful community, daily updates and an easy site navigation that makes everything you want easy to find.

  20. Hello

    I would like to thank Admin. as he does a great job!
    His site is very pleasant to browse and shentai-only section is very well thought
    A site very fleshed out and complete!

    4.5 / 5 Stars
    (Because I do not like too how does the content is unorganized in discord : p)

  21. eMail sent. Hope everything works. 😀

    1. Invitation sent check your email.

  22. Hi Admin, back after a break. Happy to see the site active again. I already bought a TezFiles account in the past and it’s active. Can you set me up with discord?

    1. No 🙂
      Just joking check your email ^^

  23. Wow this website has heaps of content and good variety too.

    Admin seems to be very active and the community is good.

    Definitely worth it.

  24. Tbh really, its one of the best sites out there. Some of the stuff are already posted on other sites. But Shentai seems to have a lot of exclusives.

    Already surprised when roaming on the site without an account. And I just couldnt even be more surprised when I joined shentai-only club.

    I made a mistake and paid for an account without the support, but I dont even regret a bit to extend mine again with supporting Shentai.

    I was so eager that I already hit my daily quota in one day!

  25. No 🙂
    Just joking check your email ^^

    1. What email address did you use to signup?
      I haven’t received your email. Please contact me on: [email protected]

  26. No blog or site can match Shentai.
    Really great content (enough to last me a lifetime :mrgreen:) and updated very frequently. First time i have ever paid for porn it´s completely worth it, no regrets!!!!

  27. So, lets review this blog!
    At first, I have to say that there is nothing similar to it out there. Or at least i did not find anything, and I searched quite a lot 😉 There are quite some uploads (I think about 20 a day, and there is something for everybody.
    The Premium Membership brings some advantages (even more h :D), but even if you chose to not get one, there are still more download links then any other site has…
    Thus said, I hope you keep on the Good Work, Shentai!
    With thanks from France

  28. I have been a member here for years now. I mainly come here for the 3D animated hentai stuff. But besides that you can find tonnes of other great stuff here as well. What I like best is how easy it is to navigate through posts and how eye pleasing and organized the site is.

    Thanks Admin

  29. Hello!
    This site is worth supporting! All Admin is asking is simple. Just support him though a host file website. This is helping you (faster Downloads) and him (More time for the website to upload stuff that you want). I got the Shentai-only because anything is worth the lifetime of the site. But this site is worth supporting and helping out a lot! way cheaper than buying the comics 😉 I hope this helps you support the site!

  30. I’am new here..
    I can say this blog surely deserve support
    and what you will get is really worth for shentai-only section.

  31. Email sent. I created a 3 months premium account.

    1. Thanks for the support onious!
      Check your email

  32. Mail sent.Upgrade pls 😀

    1. Thanks for the support rey4!
      Check your email

  33. Hey Admin I just sent my email!
    I bought a 1 year premium account 😳
    Thanks =)

    1. Check your email. Thanks a lot

  34. good

  35. Hi
    Still waiting on email confirmation for the TezFiles signup
    Tried changing the email in my profile to match the one I used
    but am yet to recieve the email to confirm it.

  36. For me, unfortunately, 24h didn’t work… I’m on my way to 48h since I signed up for TezFiles.

    I still can’t finish my Shentai-Only Club

    I remain confident! Happy 2022 to all

    1. Hi pico10, sorry for the delays. Please check your discord for invitation.

  37. yes,so good

  38. Hello, I’ve signed up for premium. Can you please upgrade. Thanks again.

    1. Please check your email again and look for “Shentai Discord Invitation”

  39. I sent an email so can I get a invitation i am new to this

    1. Hello

      Sorry, I can’t seem to find you on my account.
      Are you sure used shentai link while buying the membership? (
      Are you able to download comics from shentai like this one:


  40. Espero tener la mejor de las experiencias porque se que este es uno de los mejores sitios para adultos!

    1. Gracias por sus amables palabras

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