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  1. hi
    can u out my website to your Friends list ?

    i will put your site to my site’ friends.

    1. Send me your web details at my email address.

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  3. Hi, i don’t know if you have noticed, but filesonic recently disabled its file sharing function, so it is impossible to download anything that wasn’t posted by you, so i can’t download anything on the site. :(. What will happen with the site now? how can i download the stuffs you post?

  4. Would it not be easier to get rapidshare links. I have an account there 2 times and that never happened there. What about mediafire. I get most of the files I want from there too.

  5. FileSonic,fileserve,filepost,filejungle,rapidshare.All of them are dead.Oron is our only choice now.If they stay.So please wait,until we find any solution

  6. I was looking for this good sharing admin very much thanks and also have nice blogging bye

  7. How is this website working without advertising.What is the income source?

  8. I know the admin.This blog is non-profit even the admin have to pay from his pocket to run this blog.

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  16. Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is wonderful, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Contact/Feedback – Download Adult Comics .

  17. my word press account is still active but I can’t download the latest comics

    1. We are not hosting these files on our servers,you just need to click on download button below every post and it will lead you to filepost for download.

      1. what if there’s no button ? its blank

  18. hi thank you guys for this great website i just want to know why you guys dont post any of dream tales comics for more information check there are so many good comics you guys can post and im huge fan of their website.thanks again good luck and im waiting for your answer.

    1. Hello, we have already posted some comics from dreamtalescomics. And i will try to post more in future 🙂

      There are lots more available. You just need to search them 😛

      1. hi thank you so much.can you please post (yard work part 8)-(Olympic Trials)-(The Puberty Fairies Part One and two)-( Betsy and Lauren AR Pack)-(Suzy and Frank Pack) and (Tale of Two Sisters) thanks again you are the best comics website ever.

      2. hi can you please post Olympic Trials part one and two from dream tales comics thank you so much.

        1. I will try

          1. ok thanks.

          2. hi so i search the site and you still not post Olympic Trials part one and two and yard work part 8 from dream tales comics can you tell me when you post them if you want to do it thanks and take care.

  19. I don’t have these comics yet 🙁

    1. ok no problem i wait and thanks for pay attention to users comment.

  20. hi you post so many comics like 20 in day i only ask for 1 comic from you and you still not post it.Olympic Trials part one and two from dream tales comics.please im waiting thanks man.

    1. I will post Olympic Trials tomorrow. I promise 🙂

  21. What premium account would you suggest that would download all the premium files?

    1. I suggest you to buy rapidgator premium account 🙂

      1. Thank you. I will first thing in the am. That was going to be my next question-which link to use so I can support this site. Again, thank you.

        1. Use this link

  22. hi how are you can you post yard work part nine please thanks.

    1. I 2nd the motion!

      1. dreamtalescomics are banned here

        1. why?

  23. Hi
    Is the RSS feed not working??? mine doesn’t seem to be updating

    1. RSS feed is disabled

      1. Hi Will it be enabled soon or gone for good?

        1. Gone for good 😀

          1. Oh bugger,gonna miss that,that was handy

  24. Is it possible to send a private message to other users if i need to ask them something and i can be sure that they see my message?

    1. No, i have found out that you are trying to contact “sarza” asking him for some banned comics.

  25. I’m sorry, but why not continue Spy Camera Surprise?

  26. I’m sorry…just a “Spy Camera Surprise” finished comics (40 pages) and you have

    1. This comic is updated. Check now

  27. Thank you ever so much!!!

  28. Is it possible for you to add a page or function where we can see all the posts where we have commented on?
    That way its easy for us to keep track of what page we have commented on and to check if we have reply or not yet.

    1. You can add these comics in your favorites and check them later. That way you can keep track of pages you have commented on.
      Visit this page:

  29. Can you upload this comic?!giantess-ninja/c11sv

    1. I will try

      1. Upload it please,i’m searching it too! D:

  30. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I could leave my comment here before I mailed my message, so I’ll just leave it here as well. Hey, whats going on. I just wanted to know if it is possible for you guys to be able to get a hold of more smudge comics. If you could, would really appreciate it. Its hard to find a place that can get these comics/updates on a consistent basis. A lot of good stuff has been released over the last months. Lady Longstroke, Cathy Canuck etc. Like last nights update of Cathy vs Spunky looks like a real good one. .

    1. I will try but there is a very little chance of success.

  31. Can you re-upload the Disney Porn Collection and the Dreamworks collection up to Rapidgator?

    1. No. Only dead links are replaced

  32. Hello. Tell and how you can work on. I have a large database of comics.

    1. Use this page:

  33. This is understandable and I myself can do make the news that Comics on your site.

    1. Sorry, But that is not allowed here.

  34. Can you please reupload Artist – InkStain? Thanks

    1. New links added. One advise for you, please report dead link in comments just below that comic :p

      1. Got it. Thank you.

  35. hi bro how are you can you tell me why dreamtales comics are banned here and where i can find them for free of course lol please bro i really like their comics.

  36. Hi

    Great stuff & Great site

    I was wondering if I can make a request
    I’m hoping you can help locate Tecknophyle’s Master of his Domain 2: Sins and Secrets 29, it came out April 16th and I’ve been unable to locate it.


    Note: You already have issues 1-27

    1. I will try to add new issues soon.

      1. Thanks, you should be able to locate issue 28 easy enough, it’s 29 I’m having a problem locating.

      2. Just wanted to let you know, issue 30 has now been released

      3. If you like I can send you what I have

        1. What do you have?

          1. For Master of his domain

            I have
            Master of His Domain 1-12
            Master of His Domain 2 – Sins & Secrets 1-28
            Master of His Domain – Character Files
            Master of His Domain – Extras
            Master of His Domain – Eyes of the Beholder
            Master of His Domain – Halloween 2012
            Master of His Domain – Metamorphoseon
            Master of His Domain – The Talent
            Master of His Domain – Touch (Upcoming)
            A selection of images from his deviantart page

            I also have
            Janissary 1-32 & Images

            (these two need to be kept together)
            01 Chain Reaction – The Black Pussycat Saga
            02 Island of Zombots – Chain Reaction

            Island of Zombots – Conspiracy

            1. Most of these comics are already posted on shentai. Anyways if you want to send some comics, that are not posted already. You can send them by using this link:

              1. I’ve had look at what was uploaded and from what I can see you’re missing

                Master of His Domain 2 – Sins & Secrets 28
                Master of His Domain – Character Files
                Master of His Domain – Extras
                Master of His Domain – Eyes of the Beholder
                Master of His Domain – Halloween 2012
                Master of His Domain – Metamorphoseon
                Master of His Domain – Touch (Upcoming)


                01 Chain Reaction – The Black Pussycat Saga
                02 Island of Zombots – Chain Reaction 6-15
                Island of Zombots – Conspiracy

                So would you like me to send these over, and would dropbox be ok.

                • Admin on May 6, 2015 at 10:59 pm

                You can send them via dropbox if you like.

              2. I’ve also placed Green Guardian – Origins #1 in the dropbox

              3. I’ve renamed the files not the images
                and added
                Tecknophyle – HypocriticOath 1-2
                Tecknophyle – Rise of the Technoids 1-6

                • Admin on May 7, 2015 at 10:22 pm

                Thanks for these comics 🙂

              4. I’ve updated the Master of His Domain – Extras file with Chapter 31’s cover image, 31 is out May 4th

                • Admin on May 11, 2015 at 4:03 pm

                Tell me, when you have the 31 part complete 🙂

              5. Still waiting on Chapters 29-30 and now 31, so until someone else puts it up somewhere I’m out of luck.

              6. Unfortunately no sign yet of chapters 29-31 and now chapter 32

                29 (April 16th)
                In a quiet interlude, Karen makes the decision to reveal her new relationship with Rudy to her daughter, and Ginny, Karen, and Carrie demonstrate that godlike powers or not, Rudy is but putty in their hands.

                30 (May 4th)
                Rudy decides to take some time off with Ginny in order to get away from the insanity that is his life, a nice, quiet, weekend at the beach. Of course, he’s not the only one with that plan…

                31 (May 14th)
                Rudy and Ginny continue their weekend getaway, but a chance encounter will involve them once again with Lia Malolu’s secret plan and a revelation about one of her agents.

                32 (May 28th)
                Rudy finally learns the truth about Hiroko, but the knowledge comes with a catch: a request to save Hiroko’s last descendant from sexual hell she’s been trapped in.

                • Anon123 on September 4, 2015 at 3:41 am

                You currently have up to chapter 32 of Master of His Domain 2 – Sins & Secrets

                Leaving 33-37

                33 (June 11th) Cover:
                Having successfully rescued Hiroko’s descendant from a life of sexual slavery, Carrie interviews Ai in order to help her transition to a new life…but Ai unknowingly harbours a secret that could put everyone at risk.

                34 (July 9th) Cover:
                Whatever has effected Carrie and Vera has started to spread. Can anything stop…the sex zombie apocalypse?

                35 (July 23rd) Cover:
                Trying to pass the time waiting for Rudy to arrive and deal with the sexual mania that has effected the others in the base, April and Karen have a discussion that deals with some intimate issues that leads to some intimate issues.

                36 (August 6th) Cover:
                In the aftermath of the failed attack on Team Rudy’s headquarters, Hiroko and Rudy discuss the disturbing implications while Bryce checks on another part of the Kawaloan plan.

                37 (September 3rd) Cover:
                Ginny and Karen confront Ai Yamatoshiro over her role in the nanotech virus that broke out in Rudy’s base, but the discussion the sisters plan isn’t quite what Ai was expecting.

                Also, I still have these left in the dropbox

                Master of His Domain – Character Files
                Master of His Domain – Extras
                Master of His Domain – Eyes of the Beholder
                Master of His Domain – Halloween 2012
                Master of His Domain – Touch (Upcoming)
                McTek – Chain Reaction 2 – Island of Zombots 12-15

                • Admin on September 4, 2015 at 11:50 am

                I am also trying to find new parts of Master of His Domain 2 – Sins & Secrets. I will post them as soon as i have them.
                And thanks for Island of Zombots 12-15 🙂

                • Anon123 on September 5, 2015 at 12:29 pm

                Forgot to mention, I also have this in the dropbox

                Tecknophyle – Green Guardian – Origins 1-4

                Apparently the chapters are no longer available anywhere

              7. Thanks for Issue 33-37

                That leaves 38-39 to be up to date

                38 – (September 21st) Cover:
                Bryce Gilette continues her infiltration of Governor Sam Meade’s presidential campaign by introducing a new player into the field but finds out about a threat that could reveal her secrets.

                39 – (October 1st) Cover:
                As Bryce deals with an unexpected examination of her background, Lia confronts the person responsible for allowing the security breach to take place, and Hiroko introduces Rudy to a potential ally who has a connection no one suspects.

                I also have the following left in the dropbox

                Master of His Domain – Character Files
                Master of His Domain – Extras
                Master of His Domain – Halloween 2012
                Master of His Domain – Touch (Upcoming)

                I would recommend Halloween 2012 be uploaded

                • Admin on October 8, 2015 at 11:33 pm

                Send me your dropbox link via email. If i like this Halloween comic, i will post it.

  37. How should I wrote to delete comments?

    1. That is not possible 🙁

  38. Hey, can you pls post the new Project of Detomasso ?

    1. I will try.

  39. Have you considered also using to host the files?

    1. No, upstore and rapidgator are permanent filehost for shentai.

  40. Why is my download so slow when I have a premium account

  41. Cannot get FilePost to accept new sign ups, although I went thru Digitadiko and paid them. Direct correspondences with FilePost first told me to register and use order number from Digitadiko on the 10th and after complaining about inability to sign in and create account, they send me mail today, 11th, saying “get a refund” not accepting” new accounts.

    How can I access those files on your site?? Can you help me??

    1. Filepost is not selling premium accounts anymore due to some dispute with their payment processor. And there is no other way around to get one. You can only download those old filepost files as a free user.

  42. Can you upload new episodes from Enchantae and Norse Dawn?
    There is a possibility that updates for Norse Dawn go directly to members e-mail accounts. Enchantae updates as usual through their site.
    Thanks for everything.

    1. I will try.

  43. Hi. Is it possible to uploal the last episodes of Lucy Lastique alone? From episode 86 to the end. Even of they are on the Jaxtraw SiteRip post I can’t possibly download 582MB.

    1. Just get a premium account and save all this hassle.

  44. Is it possible to send a private message to Admin?

    1. Use the above form.

  45. Is it possible to enable RSS feeds please?

    Thanks man.

    1. Sorry, RSS feed is disabled for some reasons.

      1. Yeah its probably because of the theme or plugins you’re using.
        You can check out to see their solution works for you.
        If not, then its must be one or several of your plugins interfering with RSS.
        Wordpress has RSS enabled by default so it should technically work without you doing anything.

        1. I have disabled the rss feed and i can’t tell you the reason why.

  46. If you don’t mind me asking, when will Aristocrat 3 go up?

    1. Sorry, i don’t have that comic.

      1. So it won’t go up? 🙁

        1. If the admin doesn’t have the comment then he cannot put it up.

          Here’s your card.

  47. hello,

    I sent a message a couple of days ago. Would you be interested in a link trade?

    1. Send me an email: [email protected]

  48. Hey, very good job you do here!
    I’d like to suggest you to publish DBC’s Breast Woman – Space Slaves.
    I’ve seen it’s available for Usernet users – I am not one.
    Could you tell me when it’s gonna be here?
    Congrats! Looking forward to downloading it ASAP!

    1. I will try.

  49. Howdy, Administrator!
    Nice page! Very good material!
    I was looking for Breast Woman: Space Slaves edition. I’ve got Breast Woman: Planet of Mutants already. Are you going to upload it?
    Hope you get soon!
    See ya!

    1. I will try to get it soon. Not sure how long it will take but it will be posted on Shentai for sure.

      PS: Why did you create multiple accounts for requesting same comic?

  50. Wuzzup, Shentai!
    When are you going to upload Breast Woman (Space Slaves)?
    The other issues you’ve uploaded quite nicely!
    Hope to get it very soon, ok?
    Do you know if it’s gonna be available?

  51. Regarding Tecknophyle – Enchantress – The Wand 10

    The following image is very small

  52. Can we have more new comics Velamma ?

    1. I will try to get them soon.

      1. At least Episode 66, rest you can find on torrents but no 66.

  53. To the person or people running this place, thank you for doing so!
    I know a couple other sites like this one, but yours is cleaner and loads faster for me.

    What I usually do is pay for the shortest subscription time on upstore for example, and then just mass download comics and/or siterips in that time.
    I used to do the same on one of the websites that actually (legally) have some of the comics up for download, before they changed their subscription model to prevent that.

    I also bought comics from several artists directly, but I’m downloading more of their work through here.
    I mean, they already have some of my money, what’s the harm in me doing it this way some times?

    I would have donated to keep this place alive, but alas, I don’t do bitcoin. Perhaps another time!

    1. Glad you like the site. Yours words means more than any donation 🙂

  54. Part 7 of Educational Endowments please, and maybe more Dreamtales comics

    1. I will try to post Educational Endowments soon.

  55. 1st thank you for what you doing here

    I’m really enjoying Enchantress – The Wand

    But your latest upload of Enchantress – The Wand 15, unfortunately the pages are out of order.

    1. Never mind I managed to fix it, just take out everything but these EnchantressTheWand###.jpg

  56. Will you ever upload any Dreamtales comics? and also what’s the ETA on Educational Endowments 7?

    1. Will try to post “Educational Endowments 7” soon.

  57. Hi. Can you update Norse: Quest of the Shield Maiden and Enchantae? Also if you have anything else from NLT Media. Thanks for everything.

    1. Hi, i have updated the both comics. Here you go

      1. Great man thank you. If you happen to find Enchantae please post it. Keep up the good work.

  58. Are CBlack’s Opportunities and/or The Third part of The Ballad Of Harper Kelly coming anytime soon, also Educational Endowments 7

  59. Can you upload (C89) [106m] Motto! Omaera ga Ookiku Naare! please I wasn’t able to find a scan of it on the net. I am even willing to pay for it.

    1. Let me see, if find it. I will post that for free on Shentai no need for money.

  60. Can we get Episode 70 and 71 of Velamma ? 😀

    1. I will try.

      1. And Episode 72 😉

  61. hi legends. I’m looking for: the highest ilayhu2 works you can get 🙂

  62. Can you update Norse: Quest of the Shield Maiden. Thank you.
    Your site is a treasure.

    1. Will update soon!

  63. Can we get updated S.EXpedition by ebluberry. Comic is FANTASTIC !

    1. Will update that next week.

  64. Hello!
    Could we please-please-please have Boobpire Resurrection 7 ?

    1. Will post that soon.

      1. Thank you! Really can’t wait!
        Anything on Balloon Warriors 3?

  65. I have located copies of Enchanted Summer 1-6. Is there a way to get them to you?

    1. You can email me: [email protected]

      1. Sent them in two emails.

        1. Thanks

  66. The final part of boobpire resurrection (#8) is out. Could we please get it?

    1. Will post that in few days.

  67. i want to request
    for the artist butre3004:
    the supermdels agency parts v vi and vii
    the fragrance of success test subject and part viii
    and the time for revenge comics

    and from the artist endlessrain0110
    i want to request the expansion suits part 6

    1. I will try.

  68. S.EXpedition by ebluberry. Please update this comic soon.

  69. it has been almost 2 months,could you please bring the comics i asked?
    i don’t care too much about the time for revenge comics.

  70. do you think we’ll see MindControlComics back here soon?

    1. Yes we will post more comics soon.

      1. oh cool, thanks!

  71. there is a mistake in sociopathic tendecies 3.
    you either placed wrong title or wrong comic.
    this is the part 1.

    also could you please bring expansion suits part 6?

    1. Sorry about that I will post the correct part 3 soon.

      1. you uploaded the wrong comic again.
        also please bring the expansion suits 6

        1. How is this a wrong comic?

          1. sorry my bad,you uploaded the right one.

  72. Hey man please upload the adventures of lia 8 please.

    1. Its an old comic but I will try to upload that in next week.

      1. Thank You very much Sir. I hope you upload, Love your work.

      2. Please upload it cause u havent uploaded that chapter if u want some donation i can even pay you.

        1. Don’t worry mate, I will upload that comic before this week ends (1st July).

          1. Bro thanks for uploading but i forgot to tell u that i can read portuguese 😛 so please can u again do me favour and upload the english version of lia 8 please.

            1. can’t

            2. Sorry, I wont be able to translate this anytime soon.

  73. please bring us the expansion suits part 6

  74. Hi. Do you know what happened to Busted-Caught-Workout from y3df? Will it continue or not? Thanks

    1. Yes they did continue. Follow this timeline to understand:

      1. I had no idea Abandonment Issues was part of the storyline. I thought it was a completely new story. Thank you very much.

  75. Hey man please upload the new hentais of seiren comics??? Adventures of lia 11, the sportswoman 9 and hot cousin 23 in portuguese and english pls.

    1. I will start posting new seiren comics from the next week.

      1. Thanks man

  76. hey could you please talk to me and explain me what’s up with the comics that i asked you?
    please stop avoiding me and talk to me.

  77. if there is a problem just say it,i will understand

    1. I can only post them when I get them.

  78. Any new Jabcomix comics update s?

  79. please bring the sizeable tales 25

  80. it has been over 3 weeks ever since you last posted a comic in the giant category

    1. I just posted a new comic today and will post another tomorrow 🙂

      1. i want to say thank you for bringing the 2 comics that i asked you

        1. Glad I could help 🙂

  81. Hey man
    Thanks for your work. Can you please upload project:izanami 1 and 2 from Dinner-kun or some other comics from him? I know you already uploaded some comics from him, but can you post more?

  82. Is it just me, or have there been no new 3d comics posted for about a week?

    1. Check these categories Lol.

      1. To admin: after check these categories Lol… is this the End?

  83. since you haven’t post anything to the giant category for weeks i want to request for the comics supermodels agency parts v vi and vii from the artist butre3004

    1. Clear your browser cache.

      1. okay i did it,i can see the new comics now,but please bring the supermodels agency

        1. I will try.

  84. Hi. If it’s possible can you please update Enchantae? Also do you know what happened with NLT Media? Thank you.

    1. I will try to update Enchantae tomorrow and NLT is more focused om making games these days.

      1. Well I don’t know about his games but his comics are amazing. Thank you again.

  85. Post Seiren comics please.

  86. please bring the time for revenge comics of butre3004,they are on his patreon

  87. Please update JabComix and Melkor Mancin stuff.

  88. please bring supermodels agency part viii
    the fragrance of success parts ix,x and xi

    1. I will try.

  89. Hey bro, can u please upload seiren, The Christmas Melissa and Lucky man, please. I would appreciate it.

  90. Please update to date Jabcomix comics, please 🙂

  91. Same please,

    Please Update Jabcomix

  92. Looks like Tecknophyle released a sequel the “The First Date” and is already on his 3rd issue, any chance of uploading it.


    1. Sorry, forgot to mention it’s called “Second Date”

  93. please bring supermodels agency part viii
    and expansion suits 9

  94. please bring the daughter of the superheroine 3

  95. i meant the superheroine’s daughter 3
    also i forgot to ask for expansion suits 10

  96. a esportista 11 seiren comics When?

  97. If possible could you redo the crazyxxx3dworld site rip it’s hard to find it anywhere else

  98. when comics from seran? Anna Lucia 3 released want watch wanting publish please

  99. Oh familia 14 when comics from seran?

  100. Can you add my site to your Friends list ?

    I will add your site to friends on my site.

    I sent my site details to you

  101. Hi. Do you know what happened with Kalevra and Y3DF? Is he out? Will he continue/complete his work on Busted-Caught-Abandonment Issues etc? Updates are posted very sparsely.
    Also, if it’s possible, please update Norse Quest of the Shield Maiden and Enchantae / Queen Chloe.

  102. Tufos comics please

  103. could you please bring the supermodels agency parts 9 and 10?

    1. I will try.

  104. Hello can u post seiren the sportswoman 14 please

  105. when will u post seiren sportswoman 12

  106. when will u post seiren sportswoman 12 ?

    1. Will post new Seiren comics in few days.

  107. where is the english version of seiren comics?

  108. Can you post all of Seiren collection updated in English as a complete Pack?

    1. It’s a lot of work. I will try that in free time 😀

  109. Why has the Upstore always showing error on each comics page? There is no link to download from Upstore on any of the comics the last few days?

    1. Upstore had a technical problem for last few days, that is why some links are missing. It’s fixed now and all of our future post should include upstore links. Sorry for inconvenience

  110. OK thank you for the info.

  111. Can u upload new Melkor Mancin comic – “Spades” ?

    1. Will do tomorrow

  112. could you please stop posting comics to tezfiles only?

    some of the comics here like the island diet 4 are posted exclusively to tezfiles,this wouldn’t bother me if the tezfiles was free like the other websites,but its not.

    1. Do you know about our shentai-only section ?

      1. I didn’t know that.

        okay sorry then.

  113. when will u upload seiren aline 3 comic?

  114. Requested Discord Access, but received no response

    1. Please check your email, you should have received an invite.

  115. Sent message requesting Discord Channel info yesterday and again just now. Still no response.

    1. Please check your email.

  116. Hey Admin, it’s me again. I did as instructed and sent a friend request to david8989#9114 yesterday afternoon. Not only have I not gotten a reply I’ve been watching discord, checking it regularly, it appears david8989 has been off-line the entire time. At that point I even went and watched the youtube vids you linked to. I don’t even know what to ask at this point. It’s been like 4 days since I paid for access.

    1. Hello,
      Sorry for the delays. I have sent you an invite on discord.

  117. Pls upload adventures of lia 15 english version

    1. Will upload shortly.

  118. Please upload seiren Lisandra part 1 and 2 english

    1. Will post them tonight.

  119. Hello, recently purchased Tez and have been waiting for an email for the discord info. Thanks

    1. Hello Bags98, Please check your email now and look for the title “Shentai Discord Invitation”. Sorry for the delays

  120. Hi
    Recently purchased a TezFiles premium, still waiting on the email for the discord
    tried changing the email in my profile to the one I used, but havn’t recieved the email to confirm it

    1. Hi Anon,

      I am sorry to hear that. Can you please email me here: [email protected].
      Please mention the email ID you have used to signup at tezfiles.

  121. When is seiren schoolgirls part 3 coming?

    1. Will post soon.

  122. can u upload seiren the sportswoman part 13 please.

    1. Will upload in few days.

      1. Thanks

  123. Please upload seiren another chance 9 please

  124. could you please share doll world part 11 from slooty slots?

  125. please share giantess rpg chapter 9.

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