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Y3DF – The Uprising Complete!

Y3DF – The Uprising

Y3DF - The Uprising
Size: 126 MB
Contains: 159 pages (8 New)





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  1. Nice beginning 😉

    1. Great start!

  2. Finally! Kelly in action!!

  3. There was an update – 12 pages today.

  4. omg!!! kelly,jane &jason threesome?awesome.and possible a orgy with that piece of shit kenny.

  5. Please download page without watermark, I beg

  6. I’m rooting for him to enter Jane’s ass with the force that can and put the milk inside her ass!

  7. update today.15 more pages.

  8. You gotta love a series that occasionally needs to put a map out of where you should read lmao

  9. 6 days without update and they still charging from members full price for this …srsly wow.

    1. Seems like they heard you BigTrick. Enjoy the update!

  10. update today.20 more pages.a lot of bla-bla but in final jasmine have sex in bathroom with kyle.

  11. Last pics are nice, Jasmine got great tits. Sex time.

  12. So now not only we have to deal with Brenda fucking kenny and thinking he is “her boyfriend”, but now she will fuck Jasmine’s son too….sigh why won’t she fucks only her son and end all the Kenny and others thing, i still can’t understand that.

    1. What’s your problem man? Just let them fuck. The more the merrier.

  13. you are great problem man! for you it is important luke,not porno story.all is good:mother-son,aunt-nephew,father-daughter,threesome,orgy.get a grip.

  14. Admin the girls are pretty, but the artist does not like anal sex. because?

    1. was a lot of anal sex.in “workout”,”who did it 2″,”the quick one”,”caught2″,

      1. was a lot of anal sex.in “workout”, “who did it 2”, “the quick one,” “caught2”
        you have reason, however, are few anal scenes for 15 chapters of the series. But let’s wait, maybe Brenda surprising giving the ass for one of those kids.

  15. I hold Brenda sucking Dick i love that

  16. update. 17 more pages.

  17. Why do all these woman have high heels on like 24/7

    1. It is deemed “sexy” for porn stars to wear high heels and nothing else.
      Look at “classic” porn.”

  18. Hey, if you’re interested by 3d fanarts of Brenda and co, you can go to : https://3dff.blogspot.com
    I’ll try to add comics in the future. Hope you’ll like it.

  19. 21 pages today

    1. Done.

  20. I wanted to see Luke stomping on the head of Brenda while doing anal sex and ejaculate all sperm in her ass. Brenda shitting all the milk.

  21. Update 8 new pages.

  22. Does anybody have an updated timeline including this chapter for me?

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