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Sep 14

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Y3DF – THE BANG Complete!


Size: 92 MB
Contains: 81 pages (13 New)





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68588555_y3df_the_bang_1_03.jpg 68588556_y3df_the_bang_1_25.jpg 68588558_y3df_the_bang_1_34.jpg


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  1. c1b3r3y3

    Can you reupload the RG link?

    1. Admin

      New links

  2. kopikocf

    When can be updated?I can’t wait! Ha-ha!
    You’ve worked hard! Thank you, I love you!

    1. Admin

      Updated now 🙂

      1. kopikocf

        Nice update! thank you!

  3. BigTrick

    Nice update, time to some action 😉

    1. kopikocf

      Oh yeah! nice update!

  4. kopikocf

    oh noooo…………….!!!!
    Nothing had happened

  5. kial

    Once you get hooked on Kalevra’s level of quality, these kind of work just seems like a waste of y3df resources…
    Funny how y3df promotes this as a “big 2x update” on the member site, even tho it has been 10 days since this comic last updated… 20 pages in 10 days is just normal update interval, but i guess they think people are retarded or something.

  6. BigTrick

    Yeah, we cant clone Kalevra but this looks way better than Passion..(dat kid is so fucking creepy ;/ ;/ )

    1. kial

      Kalevra is on a whole other level than the rest of y3df artists… but yeah, I agree, this is WAY better than Passion.
      Passion is ugly and creepy, just plain bad.
      This one has potential, but still off… art is ok, story needs work, models need work.. “mom” looks like she is his sister, at best, ruins the mood…

  7. BigTrick

    5 days … 13 pages .. are you kidding me ?!! Oh my God. Fuck it …

  8. Klok

    Could we get some new rapidgator links?

    1. Admin

      New links

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