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Y3DF – Explanation Complete!

Y3DF – Explanation

Y3DF - Explanation
Size: 132 MB
Contains: 108 pages (8 New)





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  1. Heh Luke +1 do fucked Milfs ­čśë

  2. 13 pages today

    1. Done!

  3. 8 pages today, thanks

  4. Missing page 82

    1. Yes, page 82 is missing on Y3DF site. I will add that when its available.

      1. Page 82 is now added.

        1. Very COOL thanks)))

  5. Admin, can you write on the site that they missed page 82?

  6. Here’s one hot idea: the Story of a typical family with a very sexy mom. Son secretly watching mom and masturbating. After, he looks at porn on the Internet and accidentally finds the old hard-core porn in which he sees his mother. First, he does not believe his eyes, but after he finds the information about the porn star who has starred in such films twenty years ago. This porn star really is his mother. Immediately after that he decides for himself that he needed to fuck his mom in video he was looking at. His father knows nothing about the past of his wife. The son decides to start blackmailing your mom that will show the video to dad. For his silence he wants to have sex with her. In fear to destroy the family, the mother agrees to have sex with her son. He tells her that after his father fell asleep, mother came to his room. Came to him in an erotic costume, which he has prepared for her. Night, mom comes to son room. She reluctantly takes off his robe, and robe – sexy costume. after son hard fucking his mother, and all the action it records video. He cums on her and she goes to sleep in his room. The end of the first part. How do you like this story?

    1. interesting´╝ü its good for a short comics´╝îso what about the second part´╝č i will try to use your story to make a 3d comics´╝î do you have some sketch painting for your story´╝č

  7. Update 14 pages..i think.

    1. Thanks for telling.

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