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Welcome to Shentai. Here you can download thousands of latest and high quality adult comics for free OR buy premium account via below banners to download without any restriction at a very high speed

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  1. Akar

    How do I get VIP with FilePost on sHentai? When I click on gold it says create account on oron? I allready have 1 year oron account!

    1. Vip Section is working with oron.Just create a new account 30 days account of oron.Which is previously 360 days.Very cheap now

  2. luckyboy

    I am going to create a 6 month premium account via your link,thanks for this nice blog

  3. john

    Hey,Just created a new account of filepost via your link.Hope that will support this blog

  4. luckyboy and John,Thanks for your support

  5. xcal

    Purchased 6 months account via your links.This blog is really amazing.Thanks for that

  6. joonius

    I would also love to support your blog.But i don’t have money right now.
    But i will buy this premium next week;)

  7. anuciky

    Excelent Blog.I will try one month premium

  8. Bo Davidson

    One month premium account.Only for you admin.who did all this hard work

  9. Sir Awesome

    Add my name in your supporter list.
    One month premium via above banner

  10. Thank you guys for all of your support.Your donation will help me to pay server fee

  11. bacn

    Very nice and fast site.Premium account created

  12. kasey

    Very big collection of adult comics.But free users gets very slow download speed and i can’t wait.Time is money guys.Now i have decided to create a premium with my mom’s Credit Card;)

  13. dark man

    Amazing site.Never thought to find a site like this.I watched these cartoons in my childhood but never thought to see them in this way.

  14. Cyroox

    The speed of this site is very fast but the FilePost download speed is very slow for free users.I think i have to create a premium account to download at higher speed.Anyways shentai has a very big collection of adult comics.

  15. Tito

    Already bought a premium via your links.

  16. Bill

    Personally, I think shentai is perfect.Very nice and clean design,server is very fast and regular updates.I am a webmaster too and i know how much dedications are required to run such a wonderful site.Thanks to the admin for all his hardwork

  17. Jack

    Bought a premium via above link to support shentai.And please don’t ever stop posting those fucking hot comics.

  18. mikael

    I would also prefer premium account,As we all know free user speed sucks!

  19. slut1

    Thanks for this wonderfull site and i am going to buy a premium account via above banner to support shentai.Such a lovely site

  20. Zsolt

    Dude! Don’t you take any day off.Its christmas today and you are still posting comics here.hats off to you bro

  21. Budaveli


    I have been an avid fan and follower of your website for the past god knows how many years. A big, hearty Merry X-Mas to you passionate folks too.

  22. Helmy

    Merry Christmas.
    Thanks for keeping us updated with the latest and hotest comics

  23. Lester

    Merry Christmas admin !! Godbless and I hope that you’ll be continuing to give us these hot comics
    Greetings from the PHILIPPINES !!! ^_^

  24. Thank You guys for your greeting and support.

  25. JayTee

    i’m very excited to see this blog.Thousands of adult comics in every Category.

  26. ashfaq1984


  27. Taigong

    Well, all I can say is that this site is awesome.
    It’s so good that I probably check the site every 3 hours or so + it’s almost only high quality stuff.

  28. vlz777

    I’ve been with this website for what I believe has been a year at least (can’t say for certain 😛 ). From my personal experience this is the best adult comic website on the internet

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