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Dec 01

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Welcome to Shentai providing adult comics from more than 6 years. Here you can download thousands of latest and high quality adult comics for free OR buy premium account via below banners to download without any restriction at a very high speed.


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  1. kenshin5491

    I have always enjoyed looking forward to the daily posts… if you like what you see in the regular links and it interests you… the stuff you can get on PREMIUM is even better… seriously.

  2. Nachtwolf

    Been following this blog since the beginning. Thanks to every uploader contributing with new comics.

  3. Sanko151

    Long time member, and a self proclaimed lurker.

  4. gibox

    I dont know what im supposed to say that havent been said already. Its cheap for its value, all is nicely categorized, admin is not an asshole and stuff keeps coming that is interesting in a way. If you like adult comics, premium account for its value its a great bargain ;D

  5. Nirator

    I was searching a comic from y3df and find this site, after found the download speed was slow. So i take a premium account on RG.

  6. Spacebear

    Well there are really not much to say. Most of the comics are good, the rest are just not my cup of tea. The artwork packs are just awesome. Thanks Admin

  7. NickelAngelo

    I really don’t remember how i stumbled upon this blog whether it was just a desperate search for Hentai content lol

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