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Lisa’s Big Date

Lisa’s Big Date

Lisa's Big Date
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Contains: 71 pages




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  1. This is some brutal horse on woman action, love that the horse-assed slut can take a massive horse cock, so much of the comic is just the horse fuckin her, love it. Shes sexy as fuck too, what a big fat sexy ass Lisa’s got!

  2. Best beast comic I’ve seen!!!! Lisa is so sexy, biggest ass ever but realistic too, like she totally based on real fat chick! Love that the horse beleives her ass is a horse’s ass

  3. Weird funny and sexy. Does this guy do more comics?This is the best zoosex comic i’ve seen.Shame Lisa is so fat and ugly though for the main woman in it

    1. Yes, you can find more comics by this artist on his website: http://kougarstreet.the-comic.org/
      Most of these comics are also posted on shentai. You just need to search them 😛

      1. Thanks, I found some of them… really great. You should add Milf3D as a category on his work it would help people find them. Also, you don’t tag big butts or fat orBBW which you should

        1. I will think about that.

  4. Why can’t I download from any of the links? It shows file is forbidden.

    1. Both links are working fine. Probably some problem at your end.
      Send me the screenshot: http://shentai.org/contactfeedback/

      1. It’s fine now, I changed my browser. I was using opera, I switched to chrome.

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