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Aug 13

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Ground Zero 6

Ground Zero 6

Ground Zero 6
Size: 5 MB
Contains: 25 pages




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  1. devilmaycry

    is aristocrat 3 (by giorunog/ojo taro) going up?

    1. Lumos

      I’m also wondering when Aristocrat 3 by Giorunog/Qjo Jotaro will be out. It’d be cool to read.

  2. Lumos

    Sorry if this looks like bumping but I’m still really anxious to see Aristocrat 3 posted up. Haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Is it going up?

    1. Admin

      I will try to get it soon.

      1. Lumos

        Awesome! Looking forward to it.

      2. Lumos

        By any chance could I ask how long it’ll take? Sorry if this sounds impatient.

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