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Send Us Your Comics

This area of the Website is for YOUR PERSONAL COMICS & ARTWORK

Before sending your comics and artwork please read some simple rules:

  • All persons in comics and artwork must be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Please don”t send anything illegal
  • Your comics and artwork have to be clean (no tags or urls to websites or other spam, only your own email is allowed)
  • Send your comics and artwork in jpg, jpeg, png, gif  format
  • Do not send the same comics and artwork over and over again.

Understand our rules? Send us your comics and artwork!

Send Your comics and artwork by Email to – [email protected]


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  1. Gibilx


    1. Admin


  2. portalhentai

    qual e o email para manda os quadrinhos ?

    1. Admin

      You are talking about which comic story?

  3. farhadisn

    hi my name is farhadisn

    I’m looking for the full comic story of that. I’ll be happy to complete this on yourself.
    or send me the link of this hot comics .

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