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How To Download Form Rapidgator Via Internet Download Manager Information About Upstore Premium Account Filepost Closing-Missing Comics

1) This website does not host any comics. Comics are uploaded to FileHosting sites and download links are displayed inside the posts.

2) Usually there are two methods of downloading from FileHosting sites like ( Rapidgator , Upstore , Uploaded )

Free Mode: 

In free mode you have to wait for few seconds and then enter the captcha. Free mode gives you slow speed and you have to wait between files.

Premium Mode: 

In premium mode you don’t have to wait. Your downloads will start immediately and download speed is very fast. To get premium mode visit this link

3) Premium only comics requires a premium membership at rapidgator or upstore to download. There is no way that free users can download them.

4) Files over 400 MB requires premium membership to download.

5) Files over 100 MB goes in SiteRip category. (Valid till 31 December 2014)

6) Report dead links in comments.

7) Do not post external links in comments.

8) Do you want to share your comics and artwork? Contact us

9) There are no passwords on shentai. However, on MS-Windows systems, when the filename is too long or when it has a total file depth (meaning number of chars in the file name + number of chars of all folders and parent folders above it) longer than 256 characters, it will ask for an illusional password.
The solution, then, is simple, do “extract here” instead of “extract to a new folder”, for instance, or extract in a folder closer to the root of your partition and not in a sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-subfolder. Or just rename the archive with a super long name to something like h.rar.


Q)How can i download from shentai?

A) This website does not store any files on its own servers.All these comics are uploaded to ( Rapidgator , Upstore , Uploaded )

Q)There are more then one download link in each post. Why?

A) You can download a comic from any of these four available filehost ( Rapidgator , Upstore , Uploaded ).

Q)I have downloaded the comic file but there are no images inside?

A) Images are compressed inside a rar file. Please download winar or winzip to extract files.)

Q)I have liked your site and i would like to donate you?

A) You can buy premium via below icons to support our site


Q)What is Vip section and how can i get access to it?

A) Vip section is closed.

Still have any other questions. Feel free to contact our 24/7 Support Team



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  1. chianwan

    why the comics aren’t in order?, the simpson’s comics aren’t in order

    1. Admin

      Can you explain that a little more

      1. slaba2017

        Почему нет горячая кузина 18?

        1. Admin

          Начнется загрузка новых комиксов seiren со следующего месяца. В том числе горячий кузен

          1. slaba2017

            спасибо то долго жду

          2. slaba2017

            а сейчас ты можешь скачать горячая кузина 18 три части ?

          3. slaba2017

            а сейчас ты можешь скачать горячая кузина 18 три части ? из seiren comics international у тебя все показывает ты там зайди и скачай картинку горячая кузина 18 пожалуйста

          4. slaba2017

            когда выйдет комиксы серейен

            1. Admin

              Приятель терпения отправит что-нибудь завтра

              1. Admin

                Ты сейчас счастлив:

              2. slaba2017

                да но я хочу горячая кузина 18 часть 3

              3. Admin

                Будет опубликовать это тоже, просто подождите несколько дней.

              4. slaba2017

                ох семейка вышла что дальше?

              5. Admin

                Горячий кузен следующий

              6. slaba2017

                а когда горячая кузина 18?

              7. slaba2017

                вы не можете сразу опубликовать горячая кузен 18 часть 2 и 3?

              8. Admin

                Часть 2 завтра

              9. slaba2017

                а когда выйдет ох семейка 9 и горячая кузина 19?

              10. Admin

                Я постараюсь опубликовать это сегодня вечером.

  2. [email protected]

    i have rapid gator how do i down load 1.4 gig file that is in 4 parts

    1. Admin

      Download all 4 parts. Then right click on the filename.part01.rar and select “extract here”

  3. Hellion1982

    Will you be willing to start accepting requests from users? With conditions, if you wish?

    1. Admin

      Already taking so many requests in comments 😀

  4. gyperion

    how to search many keywords with?

  5. gazztherat

    thought i’d try a freeby but just getting the run around . less than imprest not going to bother.

  6. Magnoth

    With FilePost no longer offering premium accounts, will you be moving linked files to another hoster?

    1. Admin

      I can’t move old comics from FilePost to another hoster because there are too many of them.

  7. daemon

    How do you make your searchs more precise

  8. gyperion

    need more tags like genderbender, transformation, mind control and stuff

    1. Admin

      I like your idea

  9. matt199

    does it have multi tag search like Hentai,futa ?

    1. Admin

      No, multi tag search is not possible yet.

  10. Thgmacedo

    Hello whats the name of the 3D on the top of the site, I have bem searching and cant find

      1. Admin

        And the artist name is Amusteven.

  11. Thgmacedo

    Yes maaan! thanks a loot this was about to drive me crazy. This is the best site ever!

  12. pammon

    If premium is no longer available with File Host, how do I upgrade my rapid gater account to premium ?

    1. Admin

      Premium account is available on RG. Can you please elaborate your problem?
      P.S: You can use this link to upgrade your free account into premium account:

  13. pammon

    I already have RG premium.
    Is there anyway to use Rapid Gator premium on File Post to download in premium speed? I would buy another premium membership on File Post, but they are not offering it. Are there any other ways to download File Post in premium speed?

    1. Admin

      Filepost premium account is currently unavailable.

  14. Uploader

    How Do I Upload Zip files please?

  15. Antman

    Good day! Can you please tell me the name of the 3D banner at the top of your web page? I am new and I don’t think it is the same as what member Thgmacedo asked about on July 19, 2015 in the above thread. The only info I can find about it is “new-26-2-16”. Please help, thanks!

    1. Admin

      One of my favorite artist Lord-Kvento
      Please also consider buying the original:

      1. Antman

        Thank you very much!

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